What is feature of Thai Nguyen tea

Thai Nguyen tea

Thai Nguyen tea is not only normal drink, it’s specific characteristics of Vietnamese Traditional Tea Culture for along time. Whenever it’s meeting, they usually treat cup of tea each other as greeting.

thai nguyen tea culture

In the old days, The Vietnam normally make cup of tea to treat whenever guests come home as customs of many generations. Nowadays, it still keep as traditional customs in the north. Cup of tea presents for polite and respectful treatment attitude to the guest, it’s way to begin speech of both parties.

People believe that spirits and mood will better when they drink a good cup of tea. In Vietnam, there are many area which grow tea plant but only Thai Nguyen plantation especially Tan Cuong region, experts evaluate best soil to generate good green tea in Vietnam.

harvest thai nguyen tea

Tea plant grows many region as Tuyen Quang, Lan Dong, Son La, Cao Bang, Hoa Binh, Thai Nguyen, Yen Bai, Lang Son or Thanh Hoa, Nghe An…however tea grows in Thai Nguyen has specific aroma and flavor, no ones can compare with tea in this region.

The soil in Tan Cuong in private and Thai Nguyen soil mainly hills with fertile soil, at the higher 500 meters compare to sea level, cool climate, no hoarfrost, raining all year round, many streams that convenient to irrigate water for tea hills.

Thanks to advantage climate condition help tea plant grows better than other areas, crop more output as well without fertilizer or stimulate chemicals. Overall, not only vitamin and minerals is more but also flavor and aroma of Thai Nguyen Tea is special.

thai nguyen tea leaves

People know that Thai Nguyen Tea is cradle of Vietnamese tea therefore Thai Nguyen people own technique and skills of growing, harvest and manufacturing competently. They chose seed, grew and took care tea plant carefully. Normally, it takes 5 years for first tea harvest, period of cropping tea leaves was implemented meticulously to ensure that tea leaves is fresh and nutrition component of tea.

Process method of Thai Nguyen Tea is precise avoid hurting to tender tea, it takes 5 kg fresh tea tender to obtain 1 kg dry tea. During process period, tea can be broken and torn so much, lose flavor and aroma if the workers are lake of experience. For this reason, it requires the workers must be good experience and spectacular tea shape as hook.

thai nguyen hook tea

Benefits of Thai Nguyen tea is not only comfortable spirits but also enforce conscious brain. Thai Nguyen tea contain plenty of vitamin and minerals and important mix elements that is advantage for health such as antioxidant, prevent heart disease, pressure, control cholesterol, against aging and reduce risk of cancer..

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