Listed the famous Vietnamese tea plantation

Which is popular tea plantation in  Vietnam?

Vietnam is one of leading tea manufacturing country in the world. In 2014, tea Growing cultivated surface is about 125.000 ha, more than 1000 ha compare to 2013 including cropping area 113.000 ha, average production capacity of fresh tea 8 tons per ha.

2014, total green leaf output 875.000 ha, equal to 175.000 dried tea-ton. Green tea is about 40%, black tea 50%, 10% other teas.

vietnam tea plantation

Lam Dong is biggest tea plantation with 22.000 ha (about 1/4 country cultivated surface). The Lam Dong tea plantation produces about 212.000 tea appropriately 27% of Vietnam tea plantation.

After Lam Dong tea plantation is Thai Nguyen plantation tea, Thai Nguyen tea is cradle of Vietnam tea but area and output is lower than Lam Dong. Two these plantation teas are biggest tea plantation and Lam Dong focuses on growing and exports black tea and Thai Nguyen is on green tea plants.

vietnamese popular tea plantation

Especially, Vietnam owns oldest living tea plantation “Ha Giang” province in the north, tea plant grew at Ha Giang over two thousand years old. It becomes oldest tea plant in the world.

In addition, other provinces form tea plantation and increase area, tea output like Nghe An, Phu Tho, Ha Giang, Yen Bai, Tuyen Quang, Son La (Moc Chau plantation)….and these tea plantation generate steadily green tea, black tea, shan tea, yellow tea and oolong tea.

Among them, green tea and black tea are exported most which has good quality, tea water green and black. when tea produced as Vietnamese traditional method, loosed tea rolled as a hook, there are some white on the face of tea as snow. It depends tea plantation, harvest tea, manufacturing technology, producer will classified may kinds of tea difference.

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