Thai Nguyen tea ceremony honor Vietnamese tea

Vietnam tea ceremony

Vietnam tea ceremony hold by Thai Nguyen Province and Lam Dong Province. The famous festival of tea people think of that Thai Nguyen Tea Festival.

thai nguyen vietnam tea ceremony

Festival hold by Thai Nguyen province and attention of government like prime minister, ministers, representative people’s committee .. and it’s organized yearly.

thai nguyen tea festival

Thai Nguyen Tea festival is economic event to preserve and promote, develop physical and immaterial culture value of Thai Nguyen Tea in private and Vietnam Tea in general. Thai Nguyen tea festival is opportunity to exchange culture tea and do business between companies at home and foreign ones.

Thai Nguyen tea festival not only promote Thai Nguyen Tea brand to Vietnamese, foreigners but also show what is strength of tea plan in Thai Nguyen and production activities which create private culture for this region. Present at festival, people will see farmers produce green tea directly and enjoy cup of tea.

thai nguyen tea production method

At festival, craftsman tell people typical characteristics of Vietnam Tea and how to enjoy a good cup of tea by Vietnamese style. In another words, people come festival understand more Vietnam Tea, also enjoying tea culture which generate special culture and difference with other countries in the world.

people enjoy thai nguyen vietnam tea

visitors drink thai nguyen tea

foreigner visit vietnam tea ceremony

According to statistics of organization unit, each festival normally treat about 5 thousands foreign visitors and thousands of local people and visitors from other province. Most of them come Vietnam tea ceremony to see tea culture, enjoy and look for cooperation chance.

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