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Phu Tho tea

Why does Phu Tho tea struggle to become one of biggest tea plantation in Vietnam?

To Phu Tho people, tea plant contributed help them rid of poor base on soil and climate suit to grow tea plant therefore it grew most of district of Phu Tho about 16.000 ha.

phu tho tea plantation

Because Phu Tho grows tea plant later, farmers changed applied modern equipment and growing method that  upgrade capacity and output of tea material. Simultaneously, Phu Tho build model of plant tea under shape of china tree.

 Not only growing tea, Phu Tho is positive to build factories that produce fresh tea leaves. Main tea products are green tea, black tea, oolong tea, flavor tea and Lipton tea. These products are consumed at home and exported.

phu tho tea distributor

Phu Tho usually improve tea seed, growing method and manufacturing technology that help Phu Tho confident to continuously develop tea planting area.

Moreover, Phu Tho province organizes to establish tea co-operative, re-structure to shape tea raw material regions bigger and more concentrate in indicate area.

Phu Tho tea’s objective becomes tied link of tea raw material that server for exports and domestic good tea of aroma, flavor and competitive price in 2020.

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