What is benefit of Vietnamese lotus tea

What is benefit of Vietnamese lotus tea?

Tra sen lotus tea or Vietnamese lotus tea combined between young green tea with lotus tender which harvested and classified carefully by handmade of tea producers. Lotus Tea has naturally softy passionate aroma, it becomes a feature of Vietnamese traditional tea culture.

vietnamese lotus tea

How about benefits of Vietnamese lotus tea?

Tra sen Lotus tea has many benefits but we just list some feature ones as follows:

1. Sleep better

To people have difficulty sleeping drink lotus tea that help sleep better, it’s as natural tranquilizer to reduce stress, nervousness

2. Prevent cancer

Green tea contain much EGCG that struggle against growing cancer and stop increasing of cancer cell.

3. Manage cholesterol

Drink lotus tea has benefits to prevent transition bad cholesterol into oxidized, reduce risk of heart disease and stroked one

4. Weight loss

Drink two cup of lotus tea can help you lose quantity of greasy in body, resist on keep water and benefit lose weights efficiency with low cost.

5. Fresh skin and age – against

EGCG in green tea able to abort toxin element which cause dark skin when drink lotus tea will refresh skin appearance and against aging

In addition, benefits of lotus tea neutralize free radical, prevent risk of aging

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