List of typical herbal tea export from Vietnam

Vietnam herbal tea export

There is herbal tea under science name (Ampelopsis cantoniensis ( Arn.) Planch.) which many people favor recently that tea for stomach people, this is precious herbal, chemical content mainly flavonoid and tanin

ammelopsist cantonoensis planch

The authorities researched applied for stomachers practically, it confirmed about benefits of this herbal as follows

– Cut ┬ástomach pain, average 90% stomached stop paining after 8-9 days using this herbal

– Reduce duodenum gastritis rapidly

– Recover gastritis ulcer and duodenal ulcer

– Resist virus, bacteria (H pylori -Helicobacter Pylori)

– Encourage eating and eat more, cure lose appetite

– Cure sleepless

– Anatoxin for liver

natural herbs tea

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